Directed by: Garrett Bradley, USA 2020 (81mins) in English

From teen age getaway driver in a botched armed robbery, to penny less single mom of born in jail twins, to successful business woman with a genius for marketing, to criminal reform activist, the life of Sibil Fox Richardson sounds like the stuff of a jam-packed Hollywood script. In fact, it is all true -as we see it in Garrett Bradley’s mesmerizing documentary Time, winner of the Best Director Award for documentary at the last Sundance Film Festival, recently made available on Amazon Prime.

Most of the footage in the film comes from the hours and hours of home movies “Fox Rich” shot of herself and her kids while struggling to make a living and trying to help her husband, who was sentenced to spend sixty years in jail. Shot in dynamic, confessional style (Rich has the flair of a natural performer) the home movies have been a way to keep her family together for over two decades. A New York filmmaker already celebrated for her shorts, Garett Bradley (daughter of the painters Peter Bradley and Suzanne McClelland), brings her artistic sensibility to Fox Rich’s footage, layering the images with newly shot ones, a creative use of black and white, sound and music. The result of their collaboration is electric. A retrospective showing of Bradley's work is planned for March 2021 at the Museum of Modern Art.   

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