To complement the screening of our movie of the week, Doña Flor and HerTwo Husbands, Brazilian director Bruno Barreto will be joining us from São Paulo for a special conversation, organized in collaboration with Cinema Tropical. Please join us Sunday April 19th on our Facebook, at 5pm. 

Based on the novel by Jorge Amado, this Brazilian comedy follows the strange events that befall Doña Flor (Sonia Braga) after she is left a widow by the death of her wild, irresponsible husband. He died after one too many wanton nights of carousing. Determined to marry more wisely the second time around, Doña Flor weds a stable, but boring pharmacist who has no interest in sex. When she discovers that her new sex life is less than satisfying, Doña Flor is visited by the sexy ghost of her late husband. When it was first released, Doña Flor became the most successful film in Brazilian history. Its' box office was only surpassed by the 2010 blockbuster Elite Squad: The Enemy Within, thirty-five years later

Internationally, Doña Flor received nominations for a Golden Globe and a BAFTA Award.



From film critic Glenn Erickson’s review of the film:

Bruno Barreto's spicy Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands became a big international hit in the late 1970’s making an international star of its daring leading actress Sonia Braga. The epitome of Brazilian earthiness, the beautiful and refined Braga upped the standing of sexy stars everywhere. Sex scenes and nudity were as common in the Brazilian cinema as in liberated Italy (think Laura Antonelli), but Braga's classy scenes stand in a category by themselves.

The movie was adapted from a popular novel and TV serial by Jorge Amado, a Brazilian writer known for politically progressive, sensual stories, often centering on the provincial town of Bahía. A frequent complaint about film adaptations of Amado's work is that the producers keep the steamy sex angle and drop the politics. Dona Flor is populated by an amusing array of proletarian workers and wastrels, poets and frauds. 

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