Directed by John Carpenter USA 1988 (94mins) in English

Carpenter is, of course, the director of Halloween (1978) -to this day one of the most terrifying and perfect slasher films ever made. After few non memorable sequels and one bad remake, the franchise has recently been successfully revived by David Gordon Green, whose Halloween Kills -originally scheduled for an October 2020 release- has now been moved to October 2021. The Live is another of Carpenter’s essential masterpieces: deceivingly simple, fluidly elegant and incredibly sharp. Its scares don’t come with big knives and a mask, although a “disguise” of sort is at the heart of the plot. It takes a special pair of sunglasses for drifter John Nada (former wrestler Roddy Piper) to actually “see” what’s going on behind the surface.. Inspired by Ray Farad Nelson’s short story Eight O’ Clock in the Morning, Carpenter’s brilliant mix of horror, sci-fi and ferocious political satire was conceived as a commentary on the Reagan era. It could have been made today (which explains why a Donald Trump flavored “nod” to the film popped up in Times Square not too long ago). The extra long fistfight scene is a tribute to John Wayne in The Quiet Man. The Live can be viewed on several streaming platforms among which Amazon Prime, You Tube and i-Tunes

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